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Default Re: individual rp: QIC

(OOC: Bagon should not have speed plus 1 now, it should be speed -0 icy wind slowes pokemon down)

"Hmm this Bagon sure knows Snick's moves!" I commented. "Okay use Ice Shard and follow up with a weak Ice Punch!"

Snicks put his hand into the snow and pulled out a small shard of ice. He grabbed another in his other hand and started to throw the small, sharp shards of glass at Bagon until he forced him into a corner between two rocks, when he did this he punched at bagon, almost hitting it's chest, but Snicks' hand stopped halfway. It shot out a large piece of ice from it's hand, it was almost transparent, but it aimed for Bagon's large snout.

"Okay Snicks good job!" I commented as I threw a Parkball at Bagon.It was green on the outside, with designs on it looking like vines, it had a large, white, button protruding from the center of it. it clicked open and a red crimson light charged for Bagon.

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