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Default Re: |Individual RP: Neltharion_Deathwing |

The Psywave Abra sent out smacked Dragonite hard in the face, causing it to roar once again in pain and releasing the grip it had on Abra. What happened next was more puzzling as Dragonite appeared to be out of all sorts, behaving oddly, seemingly not realizing anyone's presence.

"Oh no. It mus have been confused," I muttered to myself, knowing what Psywave could do to a Pokemon.

"Return Dragonite!" I shouted, picking up the ball which held it and recalling it back. A bright flash of red light shot straight from the ball and towards it, hitting its stomach and engulfing it before causing it to disappear.

"You did well, Drack," I brought the ball towards my mouth and muttered those words. Then after reattaching it back to my waist, I began to think of my next Pokemon to use. It was proving to be harder than what I had expected, but it sure was getting more interesting.

"Go DARK!" I commanded again, as I threw a different ball high up into the sky to summon my next Pokemon. The ball opened, introducing yet another flash of bright red light. When it all ended, what stood in front of me and Leo now was a rather tall black dog. What was special about it was that it had silvery horns on its head, a metal plate on its forehead and back, and cuffs on its four legs. It threw an intimidating stare at the foe before turning to me and smiling as if happy that I had sent it out.

"Don't underestimate that thing, Dark. Use Odor Sleuth to recognize Abra's teleporting pattern!" I shouted. Houndoom barked in reply to acknowledge the command and started proceeded to work. It stared towards the Abra, eyes glowing as if in full concentration, awaiting for Abra's move...
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