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Default Re: Sec's Judging Journal

Normal Rank RSE Smart Contest
Bumblebee16 vs Ragnajacob vs Medz vs EeveeDude
Gardevoir vs Alakazam vs Venusaur vs Espeon

Medz completely destroyed the competition with Sunny Day/Synthesis Combos. Scoring over triple everybody else's score!

Final Results:
1st- Venusaur @ 702 pts
2nd- Espeon @ 255 pts
3rd- Alakazam @ 207 pts
4th- Gardevoir @ 160 pts

Medz wins, gets $2000, 1.5k Berry, and Smart Ribbon
EeveeDude gets $1500 and 1k Berry
Ragnajacob gets $1500 and 1k Berry
Bumblebee16 gets $1000 and .5k Berry

I get $2000 for judging
Total Wages Earned: $22000
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