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Default Pokemon Skyline Version - Recruiting!

I am currently recruiting a professional and experienced spriter that can make custom pokemons or shall I say fakemons?

To apply, fill up these form and post it here.

Spriting Skills: (1 up to 5)
Sprite Sample:
Why did you apply here?:

Current Members:
Gamedude: Moderator Of Pokemon Skyline.

Program used to make Pokemon Skyline: RPG MAKER XP

Pokemon Skyline is here!!

A new version of Pokemon, Somewhat new adventures coming.. A new mystery to be solved .. Lightia, once a guardian of the Lugia Clan, risen from the mortal world.. and began wondering to the worlds of Kairia. Lightia was also called the "Holy Valkyrie" because of her immortal life and undefeated power.

Screenshots? [More to come!]

Wood Dragons:
[No sprite yet.]

Flame Penguins:
Credits to DarkEevee, One of my Spriting Gods (Backsprite done!!)
These penguins became hot because of their stubborn heads, When they tried to fly a plane, they got near the sun and they got burned, but the heat was engraved in their powers, they have now the power of flame and water.
Flanguin - A penguin that looks like Piplup, it's piplup though.
Flangbird - A penguin that looks like Prinplup, it's prinplup though.
Fladraguin - A penguin that looks like Empoleon, it's empoleon though.

Bliz Dogs:
Credits to Sequentio, One of my Spriting Gods. (Backsprite done!! Thanks to Royal!!)
The last two dogs have three tails on their back while the first one has only one tail.
Blizfang - (The one that looks like growlithe, it really is growlithe though.)
Blizzahound - (The one that looks like arcanine, it really is arcanine though.)
Blizzdoom - (The one that looks like entei, it really is entei though.)


[No sprite yet. Only concept (not made by me.)]

Goldra and Goldion

Legendary Lightia: (Sprited by QuestionablyRoyal)

Torvile Gym
Gym Leader:Rocke
Preferred Elements:Rock and Water
How to defeat?:You need to have Woodra in order to finish these guys.. or if you want to use other starter.
You need to have items and your starter needs to be atleast level 7-9.

PokeRegion: Kairia Region

Credits to Poccil's Pokemon Starter Kit.

My Spriting Gods
Sequentio - The Best!!
Dark Eevee - The Great!!
QuestionablyRoyal - The Royal!! The Awesome!! The 1st Spriting God!
??? - Who's gonna be the next?

Make sure to go to these topics!:
Sequentio and DarkEevee's Sprite Shop
QuestionablyRoyal's Sprite Shop

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