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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

Hey, might as well take a shot at this.

• Name: David
• Name Meaning: King, I guess.
• Alias: Gore, LimeZ
• Join date: I dunno, go check for yourself if you wanna know.
• DOB: February 23, 1994
• Age: 19
• Birthplace: Kodiak, Alaska
• Location: Calgary, AB
• Sex: Male
• Race*: Human (lol)
• Ethnicity*: Scottish, Irish, Native American
• Status: Single.
• Orientation: Pansexual.
• Occupation: Vocalist.
• Grade: Finished school.
• Family: Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad, 2 sisters, 1 brother, and many others.
• Pets: Too many to list at this point.

• Height: 5'9"
• Weight: 140 lbs
• Shoe Size: I really don't know.
• Eye Color: Hazel, changes due to mood.
• Hair Color: Brown.
• Piercings: Ears, tongue, nose.
• Tattoos: Coming soon!

• Color: Scarlet, Lime green.
• Number: 7.
• Animal: Wolf.
• Pokémon: Umbreon.
• Flower: Black Lotus.
• Food: Olives.
• Candy: Skittles.
• Restaurant: Boston Pizza, I guess.

• Movie: Emperor's New Groove and Castle In The Sky.
• Movie Genre: Romance, Horror, Comedy, and a mix of those ^^;
• Animated Series: Emperor's New School.
• Non-animated TV Series: Criminal Minds.
• Anime: Darker Than Black.
• Comedian: Don't have one.
• Actor/Actress: Again, don't have one.
• Video Game: Legend of Zelda (All)
• Console: Computer.
• Singer: Tony Kakko.
• Band: Sonata Arctica.
• Song: Don't have a favorite.
• Favorite Music Genre: Ooooh... Tough... I really can't pick one, or even two. I like metal, nuff said.
• Albums: WAY too many to list.

RANDOM: (Also Favorites)
• Character: DOn't have one.
• Quote: "The closer you getto the light, the darker your shadow becomes." -Kingdom Hearts
• Book: Eragon.
• Clothing Brand: Anything that looks good.
• Season: Summer.
• Day of the Week: All but Monday.
• Month: June, I guess.
• Sport to play/watch: None.
• Languages spoken: English, Finnish.
• Places traveled: Everywhere in the U.S, and Calgary, Canada.
• Hobbies: Playing guitar, singing, Poker, listening to music, talking to friends, helping people through harsh times.
• Tags/Keywords: Don't really have one.

• MySpace: Don't have one.
• Facebook: David Gore Jackson
• twitter: ScreamAtShadows (My band)
• AIM: Nope.
• YIM: Nuh-uh.
• MSN:
• IGQ: -shakes head-
• Skype: Limez201
• DeviantArt: I'm not nearly talented enough.

PHOTO: Why not check my post in "What do YOU look like? O.o"

And there ya have it.


Credit to TayyabX for the awesome Umbreon banner!
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^Very outdated
I am the biggest Sonata Arctica fan on here. Hands down.

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