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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

Aipom's Screech had done something...funny to Togekiss' hearing, in fact I wasn't even sure what had really happened!

Forgetting about all other things, I concentrated on the job at hand. "Very well, Togekiss, you've done a good job till now, just push on for a bit more," I said to Togekiss, trying to encourage her a bit. "Use a Tri Attack now on the monkey, but just make sure you weaken it enough, but don't knock it out."

Togekiss nodded in indication that she understood, then proceeded to execute the attack. She opened her mouth wide as three small orbs of light started glowing just in front of her mouth - one bright red in colour, the second icy blue and the third electric yellow. The orbs kept glowing even more and increasing in size as they came together, and finally forged into a single beam which shot towards Aipom. The beams could be distinguished from one another, but there was some force that bound them together - instead of being seperate, they were united to form a stronger attack.

OOC: Female Aipom please :)

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