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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Saundra Blake
Meteor Valley

Absol had just enough strength remaining to spew forth a Flamethrower, destroying a large chunk of flaming ice before it could strike him. Then the Hyper Ball connected with the back of his head, drew him in, and fell to the ground. It shook a few times, then fell still.

Absol was caught.

I smiled and walked over to Seagem, who was fluttering her wings and preening heavily. I chuckled and patted her scaly arm, then ran a critical eye over her body. There were a few pieces of ice still clinging to her legs, and despite her graceful twirling about, I could tell she was feeling the effects of the short battle.

“Seagem, go ahead and take a moment to Roost, you deserve it after that excellent performance.” Seagem cooed happily in response to the praise and took flight, landing on a large boulder jutting up from the ground several yards away. She sat on her haunches, tail curling around the boulder, wings folding against her back. Placing her paws on the boulder between her feet, she gripped the stone with her claws, arched her neck, and closed her eyes. A soft shimmer of gold-white light enveloped her after a moment; this was the visual cue of outside energy being drawn into Seagem’s body and converted into draconic energy, replacing her depleted stores and boosting her strength closer to normal levels.

As the Dragonite worked on regaining her strength, I walked over to the Hyper Ball that now held Absol. After picking it up and looking at it for a moment, I placed it in my pocket and walked over to join Brisbane and Drowzee.

“Well, that was over faster than I thought it’d be,” I said, looking over at where Seagem was still Roosting. “Once she’s done we should get a move on, it’s getting dark fast and I don’t fancy being here when all the other Absol and other possibly unpleasant Pokemon come out.
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