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Default Catching Problems|Ready to be graded!

Chapter One: Sharkish Catch


I was on my way to Cerulean City, I don't want to take much time, So I'd rather take the S.S Ferry, After a few hours, A fish pokémon appeared to Ironhead and bit it's head.. Ironhead got mad and scratched the pokémon.. Ironhead wasn't aware and it's father might appear,
So then.. The fishj pokémon fainted for a few minutes and was again awake, The pokémon was shaped like a shark, I don't know what was it, But someone told me that it was a pokémon called "Gible" It can evolve to Garchomp but it would pass first to a "Gabite" I was so amazed!! Like, I would catch one but I don't have any pokéballs yet, Arghh!! Bad Timing!

A few days later, We arrived at Cerulean City and brought the Gible at the Pokemon Center, It was cured successfully.. It became friends with Ironhead, After few hours.. We took the Gible at the seashore and told him to leave because his father might be looking for him, But then, we saw a big wave!! It's coming towards us!! Gible shouted to the wave, But I couldn't understand what he was saying, So Gible and Ironhead ran to the seashore, I was so shocked they could die!! So I catched with them up.. But they were too fast, Gible used Dragon Rage and Ironhead used Harden, what could they be planning now? The wave was hit by the skill of Gible and the wave suddenly stopped and collapsed.

Gible was really a trusty pokémon, He even helped us travel to Saffron City, Some few minutes later, We walked by the seashore and let Gible go, but he wouldn't just let his hand go off. A growling voice we heard near the water and some kind of a shark appeared! No, it wasn't an ordinary shark!! It's a Garchomp!! Ironhead and I were really frightened that the Garchomp would kill us! But he just took Gible and got back into the ocean. That moment, Ironhead was so depressed.. But there's nothing he could do, That was Gible's father.. Every time Ironhead thought of Gible, wondering when will he come back. So we shouted back at the seashore for the name of Gible. Seconds later, A small shark appeared and bit Aron's head again!! They played and were really happy, Gible really likes Ironhead so this is my chance to catch him, I wouldn't want to hurt him, But that's just the only thing to catch it.

So I said to them that stay here and I'll drop by at Pokemart and buy some Pokéballs and Potions, After I bought items, Ironhead was gone at the seashore! Gible was the only one left, His hand pointed the left direction.. I ran as fast as I can!! Then Gible catched up with me.. I saw Team Rocket holding Ironhead, Gible was so angry.. The Team Rocket sent out a Weezing and used Smoke Bomb, Gible used Dragon Rage and the smoke was cleared.. Weezing fainted and Gible again used Dragon Rage and Team Rocket blasted off!! Ironhead was dropped at the ground, His eyes closed.. We brought him to Pokemon Center and healed him, After we got out.. I said to Gible can I catch him? He nodded and stood readily for battle, I sent Ironhead for battle since.. They're friends, Gible took easy on him but Ironhead was really a newbie and battled him hardily.. After some few minutes,
Gible was really weak, So that's the opportunity that I can catch him! I sent out a Pokéball to Gible and he was sucked in the ball, Now I'll only wait for the blipping light to stop.

Pokemon To Be Captured:Gibble

Ready to be graded! [First Chapter]

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