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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OoC: you know, you aren't giving me much room to work on, Splish. I can't counter- or try to- the opponent's attack if I can't know what and when it'll happen.

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It worked! It worked! I was overjoyed, but I wasn't gonna lose my cool just yet. The Shadow Ring seemed to have made Drifloon weaker, so it was risky to try and attack it directly.

I had to resort to my strategies again. Oh boy. I wonder, what would be more appropriate?

Well, first I'd have to do something about Drifloon's attack- now that she was focusing, it may be much more dangerous. "Mi querida," I said referring to my Pokemon, calling her something that amounts to Dear One, more or less. She always liked it. "Wouldn't it be much better with a Triangulation?" I continued in a polite, calm tone- I briefly wondered if Charlie thought I wasn't taking this seriously, but she'd have been dead wrong. I always was of the opinion that what really matters isn't power, but style. Nothing wrong if one had both, though.

Saudaje flashed Drifloon a kind smile, before raising her left, elegant hand to her side and snapping her fingers. Then, much like a Cheshire Cat, she swiftly disappeared, leaving a floating grin to leave for last. I hoped that'd confuse the balloon Pokemon long enough to make my setup successful.

Jynx then Teleported back behind Drifloon, with a spinning motion she let go of the Shadow Balls, that flew over her opponent and started spinning around... another Jynx. The combo was working, but the Double Team was only halfway done. Soon, the Shadow Ring left the second Jynx, only to go around a third one.

That's what Triangulation stood for- a triangle formation around the opponent, to confuse it and manage to score some lean blows, if need be.

For now, I'd settle for leaving her with no escape. With a nod from me, Saudaje continue her attack, holding out her arms in front of her, the copies mimicking her. From the third one, the shadow ring flew right past her hands and went on to join with the second one's hands, then on to the first one, and back to the last, creating a rather loose circle, but still a cage around the Flying Pokemon.

"That should take care of her attacks," I commented. "Now, if you please, it's time for a Belladonna."

This formation was great for attacking, but the copies would do no damage as they're only for show. So, I just opted for an attack that does no direct damage, yet greatly hinders the opponent- just what my little girl is made of.

The Jynx shifted her hands through her hair, the copies following in, spreading them wide. An alluring scent permeated the dark ring, somehow coming from her hair- I stopped wondering how a loong time ago- and kept collecting in these. Suddenly, she bent forward, as if she was blowing the Drifloon a kiss, only a purple mist came out of her mouth, mingling with the pleasant smell- that was the plan. First, a Sweet Scent that lowers the opponent's guard. It won't expect such a nice scent to be bad, right?

And thats when I catch them unaware! Though hard training, she had managed to make her Toxic a breath weapon too, and it workd wonders, although it wasn't the easiest to manage... but the shadow ring would keep it under control.

"It's better if you cover your mouth and nose," I told Charlie, just in case. "That mist is poisonous, and although diluted and not that dangerous for humans, it's still a problem."

Well, what was left now was to see if Floon came up with something to avoid it, but I doubted she would- she'd be too occupied sniffing to notice- and the more she inhaled, the dangerous it'd be.
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