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Default Re: The Cartographer Society : Recruiting now!

Originally Posted by Marth View Post
No, it can't be the "real thing", because we're supposed to build the woods together, then give instructions to the cartographist in charge of a section D=
But Bluejello, what you gave me asn a example could serve as a template for the Wood's, if only a bit bigger.
What I mean for a template is a "blank" map - one that only outlines the terrain but doesn't describe it. As trainers progress through the park, they'll be able to provide information about the terrain, which will then be passed on to you, then added to the map.
...what this means is that the wood's template would consist of a big square outlined by the tree's in Bjelly's map, filled with.... grass. Perhaps a trainer will report spotting a small pond somewhere on the upper right corner of the map, and you will have to edit the map accordingly, BJ.
So your basicly saying; That a bunch of people are going to desribe it and we the cartographer's have to make it a image?

Example: If a trainer was talking about a beach with a water fall right behind it, we would have to make it?


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Looks like Craig isn't the only one surfing PE2K while high as a kite.

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