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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

I was really feeling bad for Aipom now, lying down on the ground in a pathetic condition. Even Togekiss now seemed to be feeling sorry for it.

"Um, do you think you should throw a Pokeball now? I feel sorry to it..."

I looked at my ranger, and hesitated at first. An evil thought crossed my mind, of finishing the Aipom, but I quickly shook it out of my mind. I really couldn't believe that I had actually thought of that.

"Of...Of course," I replied back. I pushed my hand into my pocket and brought out a shiny gleaming Park Ball. It was much like an ordinary Pokeball, except the red part was a nice shade of Green instead. I threw the ball lightly onto the Aipom, not wanting to hurt it anymore. to my immense surprise, Aipom was apparently relieved to see me pulling out a Pokeball.

As the metal surface of the ball touched Aipom's heavily bruised skin, Ait opened up with a click, and sucked up Aipom's red silhoutte, and the ball clasped shut, fell on the ground and started shaking. Aipom though damaged badly, still had some strength left.

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