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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

As the ball clicked to a halt, a smile spread over my face. I was about to go ahead and pick up the ball, when my Ranger's Manectric rushed over to it, and scooping up the ball in its mouth handed over to its trainer. He then walked over to me and handed it over to me, and I murmured a thanks. I pocketed the ball, and gently tapped it, and the smile on my face widened.

"And I think I forgot to mention my name. Well, I'm Ranger Jacob Sparks, Jake for short. This here is my Manectric, Trike."

I nodded at Jake, and give Trike a small pat on the head, and then started following Jake, who had suddenly turned away from me.

"Where now, left or right?"

I didn't reply immediately, instead I put up two fingers, closed my eyes and grasped on of them with my other hand.


Before we left the area though, I called Togekiss towards me, and whispered in its ear. Togekiss listened patiently, and then flew away slightly, and sat on the ground, folding up its wings While it Roosted, I tossed my other Pokeball, and Infernape came out of it. He still had a few cuts and bruises on his body, and was also bleeding slightly.

"Infernape, why don't you use Slack Off?" I said. Infernape nodded and closed its eyes slightly and lay down on the ground as well, healing itself.

"You don't mind waiting a bit, do you, Jake?"


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