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Default Re: |Individual RP: Neltharion_Deathwing |

A sense of satisfaction engulfed me as the previous command I had issued had worked excellently well. The dark glowing teeth of Houndoom managed to sink painfully into the Abra's flesh. Though in the process of the attack, the little critter had a trick up its sleeve and unleashed a beam back at Houndoom that sent it flying.

Looking as Houndoom shook its head hard to shake away the pain, I wondered if it was time to release the ball. An attack of that degree should have weakened it enough for me to catch it. Any other attacks by Houndoom could send it fainting or even running if I am not careful.

With that in my mind, a decision was set. Ransacking my ball quickly before the Abra recovered from the previous exchange of moves, I grabbed a tiny Superball before enlarging it to palm size by clicking on the core once.

Not another word spoken, I tossed the ball towards the Abra accurately and with great strength. Spinning its way towards the the little Abra, I waited with anxiety over the result that was to come...
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