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Default Re: Individual RP: BlueJello

OOC: Worst post ever. ._____________.


Bubbles fired his Swift attack, but sadly, only a few had hit. The Togepi was rolling whilst this was all happening, and suddenly leapt into the air, ramming into the monkey with a spiky head. The
Headbutt attack had obviously left the Togepi dazed, and I took this opportunity to strike.

“Give it a Fury Strikes!” I commanded my money, pointing at the Togepi who was on the ground. “Only hit twice, however. If you miss, another Swift will do.”

Bubbles nodded his violet, peanut shaped head and started to run towards the Togepi once more. He took a springy step, and leapt into the air. He tried to look as frightful as possible before landing, showing a grin as mean as the devil. The monkey landed with a thud, pulled another mean stare at the omelette. He then proceeded towards the Togepi, taking big strides whilst stomping, which caused dust to fly in the air. He then pulled his paw back, and attempted to rake the fairy Pokemon’s face.
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