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Default Re: General Park Discussion/Feedback/Questions

Hi... Oh, gosh. This is embarrassing...

Well, I'd like to inform you all (who don't already know @_@) that I have a crappy laptop. Really. It's terrible. And recently it became about a million times MORE crappy because it decided to overheat on me and basically die. Kabloom. Dead. ._.

Unfortunately my warranty is long gone and there was nothing no computer geek could do, so I currently have no computer to type with (been using my phone for the past couple of days). This means that there's no way I could complete my rangering duties (typing long paragraphs on phones is a betch.) Therefore - I'm really, really, REALLY sorry DG and T17, but I'm not gonna be able to complete our park expeditions. D:

Sorry also QIC; I'm gonna have to be escorted from the park, w'ever, lol. xP

I'd also like to be placed on inactive rangers list as I have no idea when I'll get computer access again... Sigh.

That's all, I guess. Dx
Laptop died. Using phone.
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