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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OOC: It's cool lol.


IC: Saundra Blak
Meteor Valley

I chuckled a little and shook my head, watching the Unown as it eyed us.

"No, really. Let's leave the little guy alone, eh?" I then shifted, watching the small black-purple Pokemon closely for any signs of aggressiveness as I held out Seagem's PokeBall. I recalled her and placed her Ball in my pocket, then returned my full attention to Unown.

"Sorry if we disturbed you," I told it, slowly moving around it. I didn't want to startle it with any sudden movements. Just in case things got ugly, though, I kept my hand in my pocket, ready to send out Shade, my Gengar. He had yet to be in battle and would love the chance to cause a bit of mischief in order to chase off a feisty Pokemon. I then glanced around, giving the darkening area a quick scan. I'd already captured four Pokemon, and only had one encounter left. Weighing the odds of running into anything else I wanted against meeting up with something I already owned or wasn't interested in, I decided it might actually be better to end this visit early. I could be accident-prone at times, and this seemed a place that would be hard to traverse at night, when rocks or holes in the ground would be hidden. This, of course, on top of the other Pokemon I might end up running into and have a hard time with. After all, only Shade was at full health, and he'd be at a disadvantage to most Pokemon here.

"Hey Brisbane, I think I'll go ahead and call it quits now," I told my Ranger. "It's getting too dark to head any further. On top of unpleasant Pokemon, I'm worried about tripping over something and breaking my neck. Sorry you had to come out here for all of thirty or so minutes, though I do appreciate it."


OOC: Claiming my Gastly, my Mr. Mime, and my Absol.
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