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Default Re: General Park Discussion/Feedback/Questions

I take it public computers, like at a library or something, or out of the question?

Ah well, shizz happens. I know how you feel; my craptop died on me several months ago and I've been trying and trying to get a new one. Heh, Mom got her income taxes today though, and in a few days I'm supposed to have like, 741 dollars in food stamps (and the reason I applied for those in the first place, to do job assignments to find a regular job, was voided because they don't DO job assignments any more -_-). So, I'm gonna check out the reTAGit down the street and see if they have any decent laptops for maybe 150 bucks or something.

At any rate, I might be able to take over your RP DG, depends. I already have Tsuki, Blue, and Erai's, but I might be able to squeeze yours in too. Dun know about yours, Sam.
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