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Default Re: Individual RP: BlueJello

My Fury Swipes attack had gone as planned, it seems. The Togepi cried in frustration, and its hands started glowing. Big rocks emerged from the ground, and they were sent hurling straight towards Ambipom.

“Bubbles, look out!” I cried. But it was already far to late. Bubbles had attempted to do a back flip in an attempt to dodge the boulders, but it was in vain. The rocks scratched against his skin, and he flinched in pain. After all the rocks had passed, Ambipom stood on the ground, quivering. It was clutching the arm in which the rock had scraped against. I lifted up Bubbles Pokeball, and ordered Dittomence to come back into battle once again. He let out a calm roar, and floated down to the battlefield.

“Scourge, use a Scary Face, followed by a Leer!” I commanded it, and Scourge bared it’s teeth, snarled, and then let out a large roar. It then proceeded to stare at Togepi with unmoving eyes, intense with anger. I then grabbed the Park Ball at my side. I rubbed against the smooth sides of the ball, and mumbled a few short words. “Be my lucky day.”

I then hurled the orb towards the Togepi. It spun through the air at high speeds, hopefully fast enough to consume the Togepi.
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