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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

Alonzo threw his Super ball hard. The ball swerved as it cut the air like butter. Alonzo threw it accurately as it softly hit the sleeping Pokemon and burst open. As it opened a thin red beam burst out and in cased the sleeping Gastly. The Pokemon was transformed into a figure of red as it was sucked in like a vacuum. The ball closed quickly trapping the Pokémon. The balled wriggled as it seemed obvious that Gastly had woken up. The ball squirmed left to right almost as if it would roll away. The red light at the front flashed as the wriggling slowly started to slow down. Until it came to a halt. The red light flashed for the last time.

Gastly had been captured.

“Congratulations on your third Pokemon, would you like to carry on?”

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