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Default Re: The Trading Depot [Post Small Trades Here]

The GameStop nearby are having problems putting up the shiny Pichu event, so I probably won't be able to get it. I want four, but I only need one, for as good a deal as I can get. I'm willing to trade event Pokémon and/or shiny Pokémon, or best offer. Please PM me if you want more or something else, but here's what I can offer right now (all are clean, not hacked nor semi-hacked):

Shiny Meowth UT with PokéRus (Lv 18)
WISHMKR Jirachi UT (Lv. 5) with Salac Berry if I have it
TRU Arceus UT (Lv. 100) with Rowap Berry
TRU Shaymin UT (Lv. 50) with Micle Berry
XD Geffrey Rapidash (BT, think - Lv. 40)
Colosseum GEOFREY Misdreavus (Lv. 31)
XD Geffrey Altaria (Lv. 36)
Colosseum DUKING Plusle UT (Lv. 13)
XD Geffrey Salamence UT (Lv. 50)
Ranch Hayley Phione UT (Lv. 50)

I'd also be willing to trade any of these for another event or shiny, depending on what it is.
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