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Default My Safari Zone (>D) Stats!

Name: Jake T. Hanson
Age: 16.589
Gender: Male
Personality: Jake is a cool dude. He can be random at times, but is very calculated concerning his thoughts and opinions of things. Jake get's all the ladies but he has a hard time getting past the "friend" phase. Perhaps it's because he's to nice and funny for anyone to take him seriously. Perhaps they don't like his sarcasm. Perhaps they don't like his deoderant. He doesn't really care though. His main goal in Highschool is to get good grades and save the partying for college. ;D
Description: Jake doesn't like blending in and looking neutral but he's sorta worried about what his parents would say if he looked different so he tends to wear more preppy clothing. Folded long sleeves, bright t-shirts, plaid shorts. His dark brown hair is usually fashioned into a mild faux-hawk. His bright blueish-green eyes a supah sexy too. When it's sunny he wears his Pilot shades which make him look like a spy kid. He likes the thought that people think he's a spy so he tends to wear them in buildings sometimes too.
Pokemon Captured:
~Bronzor, NG, Calm
~Rhyhorn, F, Sassy
Places I've traveled in the National Park:
-Mt. Deckbi
Pokemon Natures: In my stats
Park Items: In my stats
Ask me to Ref if you see me online!

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