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Default Re: Pokemon Skyline Version - Recruiting!

Here's my plot then:

One day, along the caves near Torvile City, managed to catch one of the Dugtrio's rumored in that cave.. Few hours later.. The Dugtrio suddenly appeared and it attacked the guy. "Hey, hey!! Go!! Ampibom!" The Ampibom came out suddenly from the Pokéball, Ampibom use double slap! The Dugtrio used dig, the guy was hit by the Dugtrios and he was sent out of the cave. "That was one powerful Dugtrio, I should raise one" The guy was really poor and don't know where to start. "Should I steal some Pokémons?" The guy questioned himself as many Pokémons came out of his mind. "Lugia,Groudon and Kyogre!! Even Lightia!! I would steal them!!" So he started his business by recruiting some of his "criminal" friends, They named theirselves.. The "Team Boulder/Granite"! They stole and stole many Pokémons from the trainers, But they haven't stealed any legendaries yet.. So their criminality started to spread all over Kairia and they are known as wanted guys..

(Sorry bad at my grammars @_@)
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