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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio


OOC: Seq, that is so old school, C'mon now xD!

Ranger: Leo

Location: Botanical Gardens

"Perfect... Wonderful, Rebecca dear!" Seq smiled, prasing his Pokemon. This was surely an aspect that all trainers needed to give to their partners. I was glad he treated his Pokemon right.

"Remember the time Franziska got gum in your hair?" Seq said aloud to the Jynx. Even though I did not know what he was talking about, it still made me laugh for some reason. The Jynx angrily crossed her arms and puffed. I assumed that meant she rememeberd.

"Right..." The scientist looking guy said, seeming to regret that he brought the topic up. "However, you can get out of this sticky honey the same way. Freeze it with a Powdered Snow and then focus on Munchlax. I believe it's still sleeping, so use a Dream Eater." He instructed.

Jynx nodded, appearing to be happy to get unstuck. She blew on the honey, allowing a cold gust of air to cover the sticky surface. I saw that the honey was beginning to harden. She took focus on the snoozing Munchlax. The Jynx opened her large mouth sending out a mysterious, erie looking, magenta mist that formed around the Munchlax's head. I saw the heavy eater Pokemon being pulled in.

Battle Stats

Wild Pokemon: Munchlax
Nature : ???
Gender : Male
Ability : ???
Stats Changes: Taking a nap… shhh
Health : 48%
Moves: -

Your Pokemon: Jynx
Nature : Impish
Gender : Female
Ability : Oblivious
Stats Changes: Blocked, Spd/Eva-1
Health : 100%
Moves: Icy Wind - Dream Eater

Encounters Left: 9

Encounters- ??? ??? Zigzagoon
??? ??? Doduo
??? ??? Combee
??? ??? Exeggutor
??? ??? Budew and ??? ??? Delcatty
??? Male Munchlax (100%, Blocked)

Trainer Stats

Name: Sequentio
Location: Botanic Gardens
Items: 5 Park Balls, 3 Super Balls, 2 Hyper Balls, 2 Full Heals & 3 Max Potions


Rebecca the Jynx
Gender; Female
Ability; Oblivious (Prevents attract).
Nature; Impish.
TM/HM; Brick Break, Dream Eater, Grass Knot & Shadow Ball.
HP; 100%
Status; Blocked, Spd/Eva-1

Erutis the Togekiss
Gender; Female
Ability; Serene Grace (Doubles chances for secondary effects).
Nature; Gentle.
TM/HM; Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Nasty Plot (BM), Psychic, Reflect, Roost, Shadow Ball, Thunder Wave & Tri Attack (SM).

Julie the Vaporeon
Gender; Female
Nature; Calm
Ability; Water Absorb (Regains 25% health when hit with a Water attack).
TM/HM/Other; Hidden Power (Poison), Ice Beam, Protect, Substitute, Surf & Toxic
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