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Default Re: The Trading Depot [Post Small Trades Here]

Hey, I'm Samantha. (Call me Sam, please.)

My friend code is in my signature.

I have all 8 badges, but I'm having trouble beating the League.

I'd like to trade some of my pokemon for equal levels, but maybe higher attack-stat pokemon.

I currently have to offer:

Ponyta - Female, level 35.
Empoleon - Male, level 62.
Mantine - Female, level 42.
Gengar - Male, level 62.
Houndoom - Female, level 29.
Golem - Female, level 44.
Luxray - Female, level 41.
Skorupi - Female, level 34.
Machoke - Female, level 45.
Gastrodon- Both Forms, Level 30 and 41.

I'm not looking for anything specific, but I do know my pokemon. I'm just new to the whole Wifi thing. :/

If someone could add my MSN,, I'd love to chat with you about all of this and maybe learn something.


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