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Default Re: individual rp: QIC

Ranger Ash Dalca
Mt Okori

The adorable furry Pokemon tensed when it saw the Weavile sit into meditation. Swinub jumped, just in time, to avoid being hit by the Dark Pulse. Who knew they were even capable of jumping that high? Swinub let out a hurt cry when the Assurance kick hit him in the gut and the small Pokemon fell backwards, rolling on its back for a moment before jumping back up.

It was at this time when a new Ranger came onto the scene, looking warm and cozy in the layers of jackets he wore. Alex waved goodbye to both Owen and the new Ranger, Ash. “Name’s Ash,” the young man said to Owen, grinning. Before he could extend his hand, however, Swinub let out a very, very angry cry.

Swi!! Swin! Ub!” it cried, squinted eyes narrowing even more as it began to charge towards Weavile at a frighteningly fast pace. However, this Swinub was smart. Instead of just using its Take Down, he was breathing out a Icy Wind to keep Weavile at bay.

Look at that Take Down,” Ash said affectionaly, stuffing hands in his pockets. “Watch out for Icy Wind too. Seems you made that little guy angry at you!”


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Owen
Location: Mt Okori

Area Effects: *psssst what are the area effects?*
Encounters Remaining- 10

Wild Pokemon:
?, ?, Swinub 65% <Take Down/Icy Wind>

Pokemon Stats:
-Gentle Weavile (M) -Inner Focus Ability- <In Battle>
---60% SPAT +2

-CalmCamerupt (F) -Soild Rock Ability- <In Ball>

Total Items: Park Balls x1, HyperBall x2

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Machop, Bagon, Tyrouge

Total Pokemon Captured:
Bagon[Bold, M]


OCC// I'm your new Ranger ^.^ Love me, worship me and tell me, any area effects? I don't have the time atm to read through everything ^.^
Oh, and gender of Swinub?

Paired with my love, the incredibly awesome and amazingly fantastic Shock <3
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