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Default Re: Front Gate


Name: Drin O'Toole
Entrance Fee: $3,500 (4350-3500=850)
Location: The woods, please!
*Style: Individual Roleplay for now
Total Money: 4350
Total Cost: 3500
Change: 850
Total Items: 3 parkball, 1 superball, 1 hyperball, 1 full heal

Pokemon: Poochyena
Nickname: Precious
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Mild

Pokemon: Manectric
Nickname: Spike
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
Nature: Serious
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: {Double Team} {Hidden Power [Psychic]} {Rain Dance} {Roar} {Protect} {Thunderbolt} {Toxic}

Other Info: Drin's hoping to find a Snubbul. =D Or any other sort of woods pokemon.

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