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Default Re: The Cartographer Society : Recruiting now!

Originally Posted by Marth View Post
But the maps are already done, and the thread has been active for quite some time. The original response was poor, and it was only till BlueJelly and Gamedude showed up that it actually came true. Only Mt. Oktori is missing, to be honest, so they shall get paid for the job they've done so far.
However, if any other artist wishes to participate, we can give him or her one of the maps to edit, and so on, for I don't think we'll have enough artists to divide everything as you say. It's the same thing if 10 artists divide 10 maps in 10 parts each, than if each artist does one map, with the exception of map visitor frequencies, of course.

But anyway, I've spoken with the elites. The money so far achieved:
-Gamedude: 6k for two big maps: Gardens & Lakes. Do note that the Lakes are supposed to be a series of small lakes rather than one big sea, but the trainers will delimitate each lake accordingly.
-Bluejelly: 12 k for the remainder of the maps. Do not that Mt. Oktori has not been reviewed yet.

Then, we'll probably pay 500 for each addition made AND approved. We might create a photoshop account for these maps, so that both artists can colaborate on every map. But let's finish every map first.
I still don't personally believe we should limit it to a maximum of eight artists. Even if we're unlikely to get that many, there are no other jobs in URPG where it's mathematically impossible for more people to take it up except for Gym Leading and quite frankly I think that's the fairest way to do it. And while I agree that they should be paid for the work they did already, I still think we should seriously think of a better and more efficient way to do this that opens mapping to more people.
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