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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom


As the giant wave raised in front of Dragonite, Espeon kept using its Psychic abilities to move the Yawn attack. The Bubble went up, over the wave and doved down towards Dragonite. The Dragon Pokemon attempted to fly away, but at that moment, an energy ball appeared out of no where and pushed Dragonite right into the bubble. Dragonite was hurt, but immediatelly after making contact with the bubble, the bubble popped and she fell asleep.

However, while all of this happened, Espeon found itself facing the giant wave. Espeon tried to run away, but the sting of its paralysis was too much. The wave crashed right on Espeon. At that moment, Zack tossed his Hyperball towards Espeon. Espeon couldn't help but go inside the ball. The ball fell to the floor and began to shake...once...twice...and suddenly it stopped.

"...That's it! You caught it!" said Ranger Eli.

"That was great battling there. It was a great turn out since this was your last encounter for this expedition. Shall I have my Gallade teleport us back?" he added.

OOC: I assume you are keeping the 3 Pokemon you caught. Please post here confirming and stating their genders.

Total Captured Pokemon: Impish Banette (?/Frisk), Naive Mightyena (?/Intimidate), Brave Espeon (?/Synchronize)
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