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Default Re: .:~*Speed's Reffing Log.*~:.


-Eeveedude vs. TsukiKaiki64 (Rustboro Gym)
-Ursaring, ??? vs Tyranitar, Cradily
No Items/Helds
Sandstorm Weather
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause.

-Wow, a very quick battle indeed. Tyranitar uses Thunder Fang on Ursaring with Guts...Paralyze activates, so Ursaring's ability activates. Along with the fact that Ursaring used Swords Dance. Earthquakes KO's Tyranitar, Hammer Arm KO's Cradily. 'Nough said. XD
Congrats. Gym Defeated!

-Eeveedude wins, and gets $2,000, Badge, and TM~
-TsukiKaiki64 loses, and gets $1,000~
-My earning: $1,000

Meine Gehalt ist sechstausendfünfhundert.
((.:~*Salary: $6,500*~:.))

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