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Default Re: Trainer17's Reffing Booklet


1st FFA <3
13 people
Hit All Hit One
No Evasion
No Sleep except Rest
Auto Taunt
Special Rule : Get +3 to any stat after KO'ing a Pokemon

Wobbuffet - Marth
Dusknoir - sheepskinfuton
Huntail - Stinky
Swampert - luke39
Hitmonchan - Shock64
Gallade - Spiderc
Dragonite - kirethedae
Gardevoir - Bumblebee
Pinsir - Haze
Mr Mime - gun6
Roserade - Ragnajacob
Arcanine - Susaka
Gengar - Mitsuzo-kun

Wobbuffet just sat there and did nothing.

gun6, sheepskinfuton and Spiderc get $1000.
luke39 gets $1500.
rangajacob gets $2000.
bumblebee gets $2500.
kirethedae gets $3000.
Shock64 gets $3500.
Stinky gets $4000.
Mitsuzo-kun gets $4500.
Marth gets $5000.
Susakka gets $5500.
Haze wins, and gets $6000.

I ref, and I get $6500.

Total : $6,500

Paired with Jaye l My Family l Wifi League
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