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Default Re: Individual RP;; Kirethidae

Ranger Ash Dalca
Meteor Valley

Ash wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, all he saw was Kirethidae looking at his Xieleth with great intensity. The Espeon stood up weakly, her knees almost buckling before she straightened herself out. After Kirethidae called out a Screech attack, the shriek formed from the tall grass and scarce shrubs. Albert, the larger of the two Poochyena, let out a little bit of a cry, but quickly shook it off.

Xieleth opened her mouth, allowing an orb of white light to be pulled together. But Albert the Poochyena quickly countered with his own glowing Ball of Shadows. The attacks launched at the same time, Xieleth’s Swift stars hitting Poochyena before Shadow Ball could make contact. The force of the two attacks flung Xieleth backwards easily, but the Espeon landed easily on her feet.

The Swift attack also hit Poochyena, flinging the Pokemon backwards easily. The scared Bobby quickly let out a yip and started to bury underground. Sadly it was at that moment that Masadriz shot out from his hiding place in the shrubs for his Quick Attack. But there was no one to it.

Albert took this as his chance to do some damage to Sceptile. The Bite Pokemon slowly stood up, eyeing Espeon warily. But the larger Poochyena quickly turned his attention to the confused Sceptile and warped his face into one of the most disgusting faces ever. You would never really imagine the absolute horror that a Scary Face could bring upon, but Ash was certain that Masadriz was shaking, terrified. Ash knew he was.

Albert raced towards the grass Pokemon, teeth growing slightly longer and glowing with dark energy. The Poochyena bit into Sceptile’s thigh and held tight.

"These two are smart," Ash noted easily. "Scary Face to petrify your Sceptile and then Bite is pure genius. And that other Pooch is good at evading, with his Dig and all."


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Kirethidae
Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 13

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Albert the Poochyena (M) -Quick Feet Ability- <Bite> //Def -2)

-??? Bobby the Poochyena (M) -Run Away Ability- <Dig>

Pokemon Stats:
-Calm Espeon (F) -Synchronize Ability- <Out of Ball> //SP Att +2 SP Def +2\\

-Careful Sceptile (M) -Overgrow Ability- <Out of Ball> //n/a\\

-Rash Dragonite (F) -Inner FocusAbility- <In Ball>

Total Items: PokéPlayer {1}, Absol Voice Disk {1}, Hyper Ball {1}, Super Ball {1}, Park Ball {3}

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Poochyena // Poochyena //

Total Pokemon Captured:


OCC// Remember now, no controlling the Wild Pokemon. That be my job. And seriously. Long posts are evil ><

Paired with my love, the incredibly awesome and amazingly fantastic Shock <3
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