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Default Re: individual rp: QIC

Ranger Ash Dalca
Mt Okori

Glaceon was one very determined Pokemon. He stood up, barely even wincing. Instead of taking the attack, one that would surely cause a lot of damage, he set up a Mirror Coat once more. The Flamethrower harmlessly bounced off it, tumbling into one of the walls. There was a large crash and a number of rocks flew out, one even hitting Glaceon. His Mirror Coat dissolved and the Fresh Snow Pokemon jumped out of the way of the rest of the Flamethrower, easily dodging it despite an injured leg. He seemed to be thinking of some sort of way to get around a Take Down, and once he knew what it was, he took no hesitation to perform it.

An orb of cold, glowing light formed at Glaceon’s mouth and, after doging the Flamethrower again, he let it loose. He pelted the white globs of packed snow at Camerupt, some of the Blizzard even meeting the Flamethrower. There was a loud explosion when the two elements met and Glaceon was blown backwards.

Ash looked around, he couldn’t see anything. The explosion had caused dust to rise up and it was impossible to see now. He did, however, see a glowing light from Glaceon’s side.

Glaceon must be using Barrier to get his defense up. You better hurry and counter!” Ash told his trainer, smiling despite the fact that he couldn’t see him.


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Owen
Location: Mt Okori

Area Effects: Black ice covers the ground. Watch where you step! Rocky. Cloud of dust covers the air, impossible to see.
Encounters Remaining- 6

Wild Pokemon:
-??? Glaceon (M) -Snow Cloak Ability- <Barrier>

Pokemon Stats:
-Gentle Weavile (M) -Inner Focus Ability- <In Ball>
---11% SPAT +2

-CalmCamerupt (F) -Soild Rock Ability- <In Battle>

Total Items: Park Balls x1, HyperBall x1

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Machop, Bagon, Tyrouge, Swinub, Smoochum, Smoochum, Walrein, Glaceon

Total Pokemon Captured:
Bagon[Bold, M], Swinub [Adament, F]


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