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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

OOC: Yay! Thanks for accepting. =3
Subayai waited rather patiently for a ranger to show up, despite her feelings of utter excitment welling up inside. This would be the first time she'd actually be able to spend actual time with her Pokemon, other than just via battling. She held the Pokeball she had been carrying up almost in front of her--with her elbows relaxed at her sides and the Pokeball in both hands that carried her beloved Pokemon parter, Flygon.

"Soon, Sakyuu. Soon." She muttered to herself as if her talking was directed to the rather large dragon contained inside the palm-sized capsule.

A warm, relaxing breeze from the side began to stir, calming Subayai's somewhat-excited nerves. At this, she motioned her glance upwards at the beautiful spring scenery, enjoying the nice, warm weather. The trees in the horizon appeared to start blooming their green leaves and vibrant flowers, and the grass had started regaining its rich color back. Several Taillow and a few Swellow here and there were soaring through the sky, as if still returning from their shelter home from the harsh cold season. Winter had left about a little over a month ago, but the peaceful view of spring never ceased to amaze her.

The sun was rather bright, due to it being about mid-day by now, but Subayai seemed okay with that. She was rather used to being out in the blinding sun--even during a hot, summer's day. It didn't bother her. Besides, the weather and scenery calmed her nerves quite dramatically.

Moments later, Subayai turned her attention towards a visible figure in the distance that seemed to be running towards her.

"Hm...what's their rush, I wonder?" She thought calmly to herself, unsure of the gender of the assumed-to-be-Ranger from this distance. It was then that she noticed a slightly shorter figure following along. A Pokemon, perhaps?

In a matter of a few more moments, the figure had approached her and stopped, seeming to be the Ranger that would guide her through the Botanical Gardens. Beside him stood his Pokemon, an Alakazam. It was a rather humanoid Pokemon of a golden yellow color, and carried a spoon per each hand. Alakazam was really only a few inches or so shorter than Subayai--after all, she really wasn't all that tall or anything.

He seemed to be catching his breath slightly. "Whew, finally made it. Hi, Subayai, I'm Ranger Alpha and here's my partner, Alakazam. We will be aiding you at the Botanical Gardens. Please stay close to me so that we wouldn't get lost."

With the Psi Pokemon calmly standing by, the Ranger seemed a bit nervous. A rookie, maybe? Nonetheless, Subayai agreed with a nod. "Okay, no problem. Nice to meet you, Alpha." She greeted with a friendly expression.

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