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Default The UnderWater Ballet

Banner made by Eeveedude

The UnderWater Ballet


“First up is Katie Wiley! She will be doing the “sea-turtle dance” with her precious Bubbles!”

The crowd went wild as I climbed up the tall, steel ladder and onto the cool, wooden board. I felt a bit scared as I moved toward the edge, but my fears were erased when I looked over at Bubbles. The tiny turtle Pokemon gave me a confident nod and a thumbs-up. I smiled at him happily and turned toward the deep, elegant pool so many of feet below me. I closed my eyes and smiled just as I had at Bubbles again and dived into the pool...feeling like I was on top of the world...the cool, clear waters moving ever so closer...

“Katie! Get up right now, or you'll be late to that water ballet thing of yours!”

I gasped as I felt cold water sting my face. I immediately sat upright in bed and looked around at my great aunt's guest room. Oh...So it was just a dream...

My great aunt Sally was glaring at me angrily, an empty bucket in her hand. “You better hurry it up, girl, or you'll miss the competition!”

Her walnut-brown eyes held no happiness as realization struck me.

“Wait a minute...Today's the ballet?”

My great aunt Sally nodded vigorously, her short, curly crimson red hair that so resembled mine shaking all the while. “I told you to get to sleep early last night instead of practicing more, didn't I?”

I shook my head “Yes” quickly and jumped out of the pink covers I had been so comfortably sleeping in moments before.

The room was quite plain and tiny, with only an old, oak wood-stand next to the bed with a bed-side lamp and alarm clock sitting on top. A large mirror stood in a lonely corner. Various clothing pieces were strewn all over the floor, most of which were bathing suits. The walls were painted a light mint-green. I sighed unhappily as I hurriedly pulled on a simple, one-piece, blue bathing suit. It was very small, but it fit me perfectly, for I was a small child. I was only eight years old, anyways.

I slipped into a pair of pretty, hot-pink sandals with miniature, plastic butterflies on the sides after pulling on a pair of denim, navy jeans and a plain, red t-shirt. I checked myself in the mirror. I smiled at my bright, baby-blue eyes. Today's the day! I finally get to participate in the Ballet! If I win, I can go to regionals, and then nationals, and then...

I snapped back into reality just as soon as I had left when I felt another rush of water flow over my face. I turned around to see my great aunt Sally standing there, face twisted into an angry snarl. Her old, pink dress and white apron did nothing to make her plum figure seem even the least bit mother-like. I gulped fearfully and hurried out of the room, shutting the old, wood door that always seemed like it was about to fall off its hinges behind me.

I ran down the hallway, the exact same shade of mint-green a blur on the walls as I ran even faster. I almost tripped down the short flight of stairs that suddenly appeared before me. I caught myself on the plain, yellow bars on the stairs and cautiously made my way down the steps, with a step issuing a loud groan every once in a while. Once I'd finally made it down to the bottom, I swung around the corner and raced to the old, wooden kitchen table sitting just a few feet in front of the refrigerator sitting in the corner. A dish-washer and sink sat beside it, and a large counter the same color as the bars on the steps squared around it all. The white kitchen tiles made me want to groan. They were so plain and hideous, I didn't know why great aunt Sally still had them. Nevertheless, I hurried to grab some bread from one of the cabinets over top of the dishwasher and sink and took the toaster down from its usual place on top of the refrigerator.

I rushed her breakfast, finishing my toast in just a couple of minutes. I went to the living room to grab my hand-me-down blue duffel bag on the green couch when I noticed a report on the TV in front of the smooth, wooden coffee table that made me stop in my tracks.

“There have been reports of suspicious characters coming and going from the Cerulean City Gym recently. We advise you to exercise extreme caution when going near the building. And now, for the weather report.”

I stared in plain shock at the television screen, where the young, brown-haired news reporter man in the tuxedo had been replaced by a blonde woman with a blue dress, who was obviously going over the weather for this week. Suspicious characters near the Cerulean City Gym? Isn't that where the Ballet will take place?

But no sooner had I realized this then great aunt Sally bellowed from up the stairs, “If I see a little red-haired girl in the living room once I get down here, there's gonna be a fire tonight!”

I cringed and ran out the front door as quickly as possible.
Great aunt Sally stared at the white door that her relative had just shut. She sighed and walked over to a potted plant in the corner and started tending to its leaves. Please be careful, Katie...Don't do anything too risky...

Cerulean City was, as usual, noisily bustling with so many people. Numerous blue-roofed houses that also had blue doors made out of elm wood stood at almost every corner. A tall purple building with bicycles lined up next to it and a yellow awning was especially busy, for a giant line of people were waiting outside of it for their turn. An amazingly long white fence stretched almost all around the town. A like-wise long, wooden bridge stretched out across a huge lake near the center of town. Two white buildings sat opposite each-other right next to the bridge, one with a red roof and one with a blue roof. Right beside the red-roofed building was my destination; a gigantic building with a tan roof and white walls.

I rushed through the crowds of people, clinging to her hings. It was a bit tough to make it to the gym, for children of Katie's age were already usually small, and I was miniscule for my age. Every five seconds, I'd accidently run into someone and struggle to keep my duffel bag from falling off my shoulder. After a few minutes, however, I finally reached the absolutely clear glass sliding doors of the gym. I happily rushed through them and entered the large buidling.

The blue tiled floor was unbelievably spot-less. There were what seemed like a thousand comfy, love-seat-red chairs sitting in hundreds of rows. There was a wooden stage with a red curtain at the top center part of the gym. I excitedly raced past the people milling around the seats before the show started. I hurried up the side steps and fled back-stage.

All kinds of machinery lay everywhere, on the floor, on a bunch of wooden crates, even on the flight of stairs that led up to where the stage lights would be controlled. There were only a few spots where somebody could walk down to the dressing room, which I easily knew was the dressing room due to the large, metallic door with the sign on the front that read, “Dressing Room”.

I walked over to and opened the door. Inside the dressing room were ten spaces where they were surrounded by a white wall and door that was about half a foot off the ground. The polished, magenta floors seemed to match the blue ceiling.

I went over to an open space and changed into my bathing suit. Once I was done, I sat my duffel bag with all of my supplies on a long, wooden table at the back of the room and left the room, holding a small, red and white with a small black line and tiny button in my left palm.

Once I'd gotten to the back-stage again, I took the ball and threw it onto the wooden floor. It bounced a bit before opening up and sending out a thin, red light.

The red light disappeared and left behind a tiny, cerulean turtle. It had eyes with a color just like that of the floor of the dressing room and a pale, sand-colored shell. It could stand up on its hind legs easily and had a small, curly tail right under its shell. It had no apposable hands and large lips.

I smiled gleefully and the turtle did too once I asked, “You're happy to be out of that old Pokeball, aren't you, Bubbles?”

Bubbles nodded gleefully and replied, “Squirt, Squirt, Squirtle!”

I laughed and said, “Well, today's the day, isn't it? The day of the UnderWater Ballet...”

Bubbles nodded again, only now very seriously, for the atmosphere had suddenly change and became intense, but only to be broken by a loud voice speaking over the intercom, “Will all contestants please head toward the stage? We are about to begin.”

I hadn't even noticed all of the other girls that had crowded back-stage, and I sighed as I turned toward the stage that the girls were now walking toward and spoke, “Well, it's finally time, Bubbles,” and walked onto the stage with Bubbles trailing behind me.


In Progress
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