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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec


OOC: Sorry for taking this long. I lost my internet connection for a few days. = ( ...also, wasn't Marowak Male?

Swalot began moving towards Marowak as it made its jumps. The gluttonous Pokemon was very angry to have another Pokemon invading, so it opened its mouth widely firing several poison Sludge Bombs towards Marowak.

The Sludge Bombs hit and forced Marowak to flip backwards, but when it landed on the floor, it still managed to create an Earthquake. The attack shook the room with everyone in it. The tables flipped, everyone standing up fell down, and even the center of the ceiling collapsed putting more rubble on the floor.

Swalot was hurt, but at the same time insulted. Immediately after, Marowak sprung forward in Swalot's direction for another attack. Swalot put its hand inside its own body and took out a big sticky ball of sludge and flung it straight at Marowak. Marowak attacked the sludge, but was still hurt by it as the bone-wielding Pokemon took a few steps back and awaited instructions.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sec

Location: Abandoned Powerplant

Area Effects: N/A

Encounters Remaining: 3

Pokemon Stats:
---Hardy Marowak (M/Lightning Rod) 72.53%
---Calm Togekiss (F/Serene Grace) 100%

Total Items: Park Balls x3, Super Balls x5, Max Potions x2, Full Heal x2

Total Captured Pokemon: Quirky Grimer (?/Sticky Hold)

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Swalot (?/???) 70.54%

Other Wild Pokemon: ??? Elekid (?/Static), Lax Magnetone (?/Magnet Pull), Careful Manectric (?/Static), Mild Jolteon (?/Volt Absorb), Serious Registeel (NG/Pressure), Naughty Minum (?/Minus), Naive Manectric (?/Lightning Rod), Bold Rotom (GL/Levitate), Lax Electabuzz (?/Static), Naive Shinx (?/Rivalry)
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