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Default Dog of Hellsing, Ataro, DarkGardevoir, Ayotui -Normal Tough D/P/P-

Continued over from AIM:

(teehee, only visual round completed)

Visual round:

1st: DarkGardevoir: Scyther @ 87 points
2nd: Ataro: Kangaskhan @ 0 points
3rd: Jess: Absol @ 0 points
4th: Ayotui: Rhyperior @ 0 points

Judges: BlueJello (MAIN), Bob, Bill.

PM me your moves or post them here. Round one start!

Moves for reference:

aerial ace, rock smash, baton pass, swords dance

Double Edge, Body Slam, Counter, Curse

Leer, Bite, Thunder Wave, and Psycho Cut

take down, rock blast, scary face and rock wrecker

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