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Default Re: Individual RP;; Khajmer

"She's not exactly frightening, but she's definitely planning something," I agreed with Ash on that much at least. And given that I had no clue what that plan was, I was at a bit of a disadvantage. I viewed the surroundings. Nothing here that would protect from the predictable incoming Electric attack, particularly since Inari had been slowed. I could at least see the defensive part of Flaafy's strategy; slow Inari down so that what few physical attacks she had would be easier to dodge, and then bulk up against her more ranged attacks with Light Screen and a Charge. Still, there were no indicators of what her next move would be, so I had to work with what I had. Passive game.

"Inari, use your Mind Burner combination to attempt to incapacitate Flaafy. When she attacks though, you need to move. Reflexes on the ball and be ready to jump out of the way of her attack." The Vulpix closed her eyes, the six tails on her backside spreading apart. Blue fireballs suddenly popped into view beyond her tails, one after the other. Almost as suddenly as they came into view, the Will-o-wisps spun off of the tails as a group and flew towards Flaafy in random wild paths, curling through the air. At the same moment, her eyes shot open and released a much faster and more direct blue ray from the irises, carrying with them energy which would, on contact with Flaafy, send her into a much less controllable state. The idea of the combo was simple: The Will-o-Wisp, being much slower, would distract the target, and then the Confuse Ray, seemingly coming out of nowhere, would strike more easily. The unpredictable move would increase the Confusion state, further improving both the odds of Will-o-Wisp hitting and the likelihood of the target harming itself. Not to mention the passive style of battle was much more suited to Inari's gentle nature than, say, a Flamethrower attack.
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