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Default Re: Ataro's Reffing Log

No Helds
No OHKO Moves
No Sleep Moves (Rest Excluded)
No Perish Song
KO a mon to get a free decoy of 10%, cannot be stacked

BlueJello with Tyranitar ends 11th, and gets $1000.
Pokémon Partner with A Blaziken ends 10th, and gets $1000.
DarkGardevoir with B Blaziken ends 9th, and gets $1000.
iLeaf with Lanturn ends 8th, and gets $1500.
Metallic Houndoom with Raichu ends 7th, and gets $2000.
-PK with Slowking ends 6th, and gets $2500.
Stinky with B Togekiss ends 5th, and gets $3000.
Speed-X with Gengar ends 4th, and gets $3500.
GreenRampage with A Poliwrath ends 3rd, and gets $4000.
Ayotui with B Poliwrath is runner-up, and gets $4500.
Near with A Togekiss wins, and gets $5000.

I should get $5500 for reffing.

Salary: $12500
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