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Default The log of feeling stoked and hoarding all the forum contests:

Normal Rank, DPP, Smart Contest
Dog of Hellsing vs Ayotui vs Luke39 vs Pokemon Partner
Absol vs Poliwrath vs Gengar vs Beautifly

All started out with no stats, so it was simple there. A few turns in, Gengar pulled off Destiny Bond, obtaining +16 with the move and voltage alone. Unfortunately, that's as good as it gets, because it even got the crowd excited, but receives no more points due to the 16 hearts cap. Gengar just dominated from there.

Ending Scores:

1st: Gengar @ 680
2nd: Beautifly @ 360
2nd: Absol @ 360
2nd: Poliwrath @ 360

Luke39 wins, and obtains a Normal Rank Smart Ribbon, $2000 and $1500 worth of berry credit.
Ayotui gets $1500 and $1000 worth of berry credit.
Pokemon Partner gets $1500 and $500 worth of berry credit.
Dog of Hellsing gets $1000 and $500 worth of berry credit.

I get $2000 for judging.
Total wages earned: $2000

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