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Default Re: Speed-X, DarkGardevoir, Eeveedude, Iridium -Normal Tough, R/S/E-

Final Round:

Leafeon appeals with Baton Pass. +2
Scyther became nervous.
Flygon became nervous.
Gengar became nervous.
Crowd boos, -1 [CL=3]

Scyther is nervous.
Scyther is too nervous to move.

Flygon is nervous.
Flygon appeals with Hyper Beam. +4
Scyther couldn't help leaping up. -4
Flygon cannot participate next round.
Crowd looks on, +0 [CL=3]

Gengar is nervous.
Gengar appeals with Destiny Bond. +8
Combo. +8
Gengar can no longer appeal.
Crowd looks on, +0 [CL=3]

End of Final Round:
1st: Gengar 250 PTS
2nd: Leafeon 130 PTS
3rd: Flygon 100 PTS
4th: Scyther 60 PTS

Final Results:
1st: Gengar 521 PTS
2nd: Flygon 450 PTS
3rd: Leafeon 409 PTS
4th: Scyther 207 PTS

1st Place: Iridium gets $2,000 + Normal Tough Rank Ribbon + 1.5k Berry Credit
2nd Place: Speed-X gets $1,500 + 1k Berry Credit
3rd Place: Eeveedude gets $1,500 + 1k Berry Credit
4th Place: DarkGardevoir gets $1,000 + 0.5k Berry Credit
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