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Default Re: Individual RP: kokovo

OoC: me is sorry.


I could hear Morgan yelling orders to his Pokemon, but I wasn't too sure of the direction he was- stupid fog!

"M! Use Poison Powder!"

That won't help him much, I thought. The moth Pokemon flapped his wings, releasing a soft, unpalpable veil of spores that drifted in the air in front of himself awaiting to be thrown at something. Well, if only Mothim had any idea of where the Murkrow was.

"Now use Gust in the direction you last saw Murkrow!" Morgan continued.

Mothim complied, if a little confused about how to do it. That Pokemon didn't look so stupid as to stand idle waiting for his opponent to strike. The Moth flapped his wings, gaining strength very quickly, effortlessly blowing away the thick haze and the poisonous spores.

The Murkrow wasn'tt here anymore, unfortunatly- what's more, I suddenly felt this strong wind wash upon me, and taken aback I fell down, surprised.

Damn, I thought. I must've stumbled on Mothim's line of fire.

That wasn't good. I covered nose and mouth, standing still and waiting for the haze to be cleared- it'd take a while, as Gust wasn't meant to be used like that. Nonetheless, it'd work.

I heard Murkrow caw rather painfully- either he stumbled on something while half-blind, or the sudden change in the wind made him lost balance and hit something.


Encounter #1

Wild Male Murkrow (??/??) 70.25%
Mr. M, Male Mothim (Mild/ Swarm) 100%

Area effect: short grass terrain. The fog is being swept away, but part of the area is still covered in it.


Name: Morgan
Location: Meteor Valley
Total Items: x1 Parkball, x3 Suberballs, x2 Hyperball

Pokemon Stats

Pokemon: Gengar
Health: 100%
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Jolly

Pokemon: Mothim
Nickname: Mr M.
Health: 100%
Gender: Male
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Mild
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