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Default Re: Forum Free For All: Turn 13 Posted!

This post is old, read the next post for updated stats and stuff.

Togekiss loses health for not making a move.
A Spiritomb uses Protect.
B Kingdra's and D Kingdra's order is randomized.
B Kingdra uses Surf on A Miltank. No critical hit.
D Kingdra uses Substitute.
B Metagross uses Earthquake on C Starmie. Substitute stays.
A Lanturn uses Stockpile.
C Cradily uses Barrier.
Bronzong uses Calm Mind.
C Starmie uses Cosmic Power.
A Espeon uses Shadow Ball on C Starmie. Substitute breaks.
A Miltank's, B Miltank's, and B Raichu's order is randomized.
B Raichu uses Agility.
B Miltank uses Toxic on C Starmie. Hits.
A Miltank uses Substitute.
Lucario uses Substitute.
Walrein uses Ice Beam. Hits B Spiritomb. Substitute breaks.
B Cradily's and D Cradily's order is randomized.
D Cradily uses Spit Up on Lucario. Substitute breaks.
B Cradily uses Energy Ball on A Lanturn. Substitute breaks.
B Spiritomb uses Calm Mind.
Lickilicky uses Psych Up on C Starmie.
C Starmie's Light Screen wore off.
Rain ends.
C Cradily regains health with Ingrain, but C Cradily is at full health.
B Cradily regains health with Ingrain.
D Cradily regains health with Ingrain.
A Lanturn regains health with Aqua Ring, but A Lanturn is at full health.
C Starmie was hurt by Toxic.
Walrein was hurt by Toxic.
D Cradily was hurt by Toxic.
A Spiritomb was hurt by Toxic.
B Raichu's Magnet Rise wore off.

B Raichu ♂ 299 SPD [100%] [Sub][Speed +2][Light Screen 2]
B Metagross 239 SPD [100%] [Sub][Speed +2]
A Lanturn ♀ 233 SPD [100%] [Speed +2][Defense/Special Defense +1][Stockpile 1][AqRing]
C Cradily ♀ 185 SPD [100%] [Speed/Defense +2][Ingrain]
Bronzong 165 SPD [75.15%] [Sub][Speed +2][Special Attack/Special Defense +1]
C Starmie 329 SPD [93.83%] (Motor Drive) [Toxic 1][Defense/Special Defense +3][Encore 3]
A Espeon ♂ 319 SPD [100%] [Sub][Focus Energy][Reflect 2]
A Miltank ♀ 299 SPD [23.86%] [Sub]
B Miltank ♀ 299 SPD [100%] [Sub]
Lucario ♂ 279 SPD [75.15%] 
B Kingdra ♀ 269 SPD [100%] [Sub][Focus Energy]
D Kingdra ♂ 269 SPD [75.14%] [Sub]
Togekiss ♀ 259 SPD [50%] [Sub][Reflect 2]
Walrein ♂ 229 SPD [12.97%] [Toxic 3][Encore 5]
Lickilicky ♀ 199 SPD [100%] [Sub][Defense/Special Defense +3]
B Cradily ♂ 185 SPD [86.17%] [Sub][Special Defense +2][Stockpile 3][Ingrain]
D Cradily ♀ 185 SPD [37.50%] [Toxic 6][Defense +2][Ingrain]
A Spiritomb ♀ 169 SPD [15.46%] [Toxic 2]
B Spiritomb ♂ 169 SPD [100%] [Special Attack/Special Defense +1]

19 Pokemon left :(

Moves in 48 hours

Mistakes found:
None as of yet
urpg stats . the ultra dex .
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