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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

Soon noticing the fact that Flygon's Sand Tomb had pulled up clumps of grass and soil, a small sweatdrop formed at Subayai's head. "Heh, whoops." She thought outloud, a little embarassed at her absent-minded thinking. However, Subayai almost immediately shook it off, anticipating just how the Bayleef would react to suddenly being attacked.

"Amazing combo, but don't let Bayleef fool you!" Alpha had called out as if trying to help keep Subayai "on her toes."

"Bay-leef!" the sarupod-like Pokemon yelled out, seeming to be a bit irritated.

Moments later, Subayai had faintly noticed Bayleef's leaf to start glowing a vivid, multi-colored aura; however, due to the sand and dirt mix surrounding poor Bayleef almost as if it were a tornado of debris. Within a second or two of Bayleef charging his attack, he immediately flicked the leaf of his head like a boomerang, shooting out several colorful leaves aimed at Flygon. Subayai was a little bit out of luck with having Sakyuu dodge this attack--unless Bayleef were to become distracted before being able to hit Flygon with its homing leaf attack, it would fail to miss.

"Dang. Magical Leaf, pretty good," She thought. "Let's see what can be done about that, eh?"

Although Magical Leaf most likely wouldn't dramatically damage Flygon, she had to think quickly, nonetheless--Bayleef's attack was approaching Flygon at a rather quick pace, and it would be rather harsh on her part to just allow it to hit Sakyuu.

Moments later, she thought up an idea she hoped would work.
"Great, Flygon!" She cheered. "Now, hopefully this won't be too much of a problem. Step back a little bit to not pull up as much grass this time, and use Sonicboom to stop Magical Leaf in its tracks...!" She, however, suggested this rather hesitantly. Sonicboom required Flygon to stir up a forceful amount of wind aimed in the direction of the target, who happened to be on land, where all of the plants and shrubs grew. Therefore, it was very possible that whether much of the plantlife would be damaged severely or barely at all was not under Flygon's control--especially considering her tall, large dragonic-like figure.

That fact coming to mind, she quickly added, "But try not to overdo it. Just kick up enough wind to stop the attack from hitting. If that works out fine, try using Dragon Claw!"

Sakyuu did as ordered, flapping its wings forcefully, yet holding back quite a bit as if trying to damage less foilage than earlier. As her wings flapped back and forth, a slight breeze could be felt, even though Sonicboom was directed towards Bayleef. Yet another second later, Flygon launched a final wind, which could actually be somewhat seen as several small crescents of wind. A barely detectable, high-pitched screeching whip-like noise was emitted from the blow.

Subayai was anticipating the result of Flygon's attack, hoping that the small, sharp gusts of wind would hit without damaging the greenery.

((OOC: I DID just now mention it in dialogue (I thought I did earlier, but I guess not, once I look back at my post. xD;), the Bayleef's gender'll be...male. I guess, lolz. By the way, I didn't forget that Subayai ordered for Sakyuu to use Dragon Claw--I'm just...waiting to see if Magical Leaf hits or not before I describe that. XD Just lettin' ya know, though.))
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