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Default Re: Individual RP;; Khajmer

This was getting annoying. Much as I loved Inari, she was outclassed by this Flaafy and I knew that. "Inari, come back!" The Vulpix turned and ran back behind my legs, looking up at me with sad eyes as her Safeguard faded. I kneeled and pet her head. "I know mio amore, I know. You did just fine, but we both know how hard it is for you to fight in the rain." I grabbed Kuro's Pokeball. Mizuna was still overkill. "Kuro, you're on." Kuro leapt out of her Pokeball, instantly identifying Flaafy as her target. Her standing instructions were, on being released, to use Fake Out if her opponent wasn't a Ghost type and I didn't give instructions otherwise immediately. She hit the ground running and was quickly upon Flaafy, clapping her hands loudly directly in front of her face in an attempt to make the sheep flinch.

OOC: Also, Light Screen should have worn off.
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