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Default Re: Individual RP: BlueJello

When the star shaped flame collided with the grass, the shrubbery burst into a hot mess. The smoke and ash instantly spewed up into the air. This was all going according to plan, until Sara interrupted my smartness by jerking my collar.

“Buneary didn’t hide!” She yelled over to me. I only barely heard her over the roaring flames, and the words hurt me somewhat inside. The rabbit had obviously escaped.

“It ran away when Scourge went to attack! And this will only make the Pokemon even more skittish than normal!” She continued to bellow at me, as I grunted. Why don’t my plans go right, every once in a while? Sara released my collar and hurtled a Pokeball. When the ball cracked on the ground, an otter-like Pokemon materialized on the floor. It’s slick orange coat shined when it fully emerged from the ball, and the Floatzel growled at the water. It appeared to want to put the flame out, and that was when an idea sparked in my head. Sara patted the otters head, obviously motioning it not to put the flame out. She probably wanted me to fix my own fumble. She looked at me sternly in the same moment I thought that.

“The fire needs to be put out before it destroys Botanic Garden,” she said. "If you’re Pokemon can’t do it alone I’ll have mine help out, but a lot of damage has already been done. Dozens of smaller Pokemon have lost their homes now. You’ve always got to think about the consequences of your actions before jumping into something. Now, what are you going to do about that fire?”

I looked at her with a smile. “Simple,” I told her. “Scourge, transform into her Floatzel!”

The Salamence clone in the air glowed white, and gently floated back down to the ground. Its shape began to change, as if a small child was moulding it like clay. It turned into a sausage shape, and then sprouted limbs. Two tails also protruded behind it, and when it stopped glowing, a complete copy of Dagger stood before us. The clone snapped its jaws and stood still, waiting for my commands.

“Scourge, put the flames out with Rain Dance! If the flames still burn after that, use Hydro Pump on ‘em!”

The Ditto-Floatzel mix started dancing in an odd fashion. It hopped on the spot, switching feet as it did so, and waved its arms in the air. Rain clouds appeared above us, and it started to pour down with Rain in the Botanic Garden.

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