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Default Re: Individual RP: Pokémon Partner


Blaziken tried his best to focus on his target. The fire type Pokemon would normally be annoyed by the rain, but strangely, this one didn't seem to be intimidated by the weather nor the type advantage.

Quickly, Blaziken sprung forward towards Mudkip. Mudkip seemed really annoyed and fired a Water Gun straight at Blaziken. Blaziken leaned forward, avoiding some of the Water Gun as he prepared to launch his attack. However, an attack from bellow was very hard perform on a Pokemon that's on the ground, so while Blaziken looked for an opening, it got hit with the Water Gun. Blaziken shouted as the attack seemed to hurt, especially in the rain. However, Blaziken bravely pushed forward through the Water Gun, neared Mudkip's side and jabbed upwards on that frozen spot.

The ice shattered with that force as Mudkip was also sent spinning sideways. As Mudkip landed, it seemed rather motionless. It barely struggled to get up. That hit was right on target it seemed.

"This is your chance! Go for it!" said Ranger Eli.

"Shellder!" cheered Lilly as she also knew this was almost over.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Victor Crane

Location: Great Lakes

Area Effects: Windy, Rain

Encounters Remaining: 14

Pokemon Stats:
---Hasty Mightyena (M/Intimidate)
---Brave Blaziken (M/Blaze) 72.8%
---Gentle Arbok (M/Shed Skin) 61.42%

Total Items: Park Balls x5, Max Potions x3, Full Heal x3, "Dreamily Dry" Scent Spray x1, "Spicy Splendor" Scent Spray x1, "Sweet Sensation" Scent Spray x1, "Bitter Berry" Scent Spray x1, "Sour Starfruit" Scent Spray x1

Total Captured Pokemon: N/A

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Mudkip (?/Torrent) 9.53%

Other Wild Pokemon: N/A

OOC: Sorry for taking long. I lost my internet connection and all. I'm using some wireless connection I found. ^^;

OOC2: You said "her" in your last Post. Does that mean Mudkip is female?
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