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Default DarkGardevoir, Trainer17, Shock64, Kirethidae: D/P Normal Tough Contest!

Continued over from AIM:

Visual Round:

1st: DG: Scyther @ 87
2nd: Sam: Garchomp @ 70
3rd: Kirethidae: Gliscor @ 0
4th: Shock: Hitmonchan @ 0

End of turn two:

Bill: Scyther and Gliscor earn +2. [CLBill=2]
BlueJello: Garchomp earns +3. [CLBlueJello=2]
Bob: Himtonchan earns +3. [CLBob=1]

Turn order:

1st: Hitmonchan @ 90 [+5 this turn]
2nd: Garchomp @ 90 [+6 this turn]
3rd: Scyther @ 130 [+6 this turn]
4th: Gliscor @ 110 [+10 this turn]

Turn three moves:

Hitmonchan uses Rock Slide on Bob! +3
Voltage increases!

Garchomp uses Earthquake on BlueJello! +2
Voltage increases!

Scyther uses Swords Dance on Bob! Earns double appeal points next turn!

Gliscor uses Earthquake on BlueJello! +2
Voltage increases!

Bill: No one :[ [CLBill=2]
BlueJello: Garchomp and Gliscor earn +2. [CLBlueJello=4]
Bob: Himtonchan and Scyther earn +2. [CLBob=2]

Turn order:

1st: Scyther @ 150 [+2 this turn]
2nd: Garchomp @ 130 [+4 this turn]
3rd: Gliscor @ 150 [+4 this turn]
4th: Hitmonchan @ 140 [+5 this turn]

Final moves?

Moves for reference:

Scyther: Rock Smash, Baton Pass, Counter, swords dance
Garchomp: Crunch, EarthQuake, SandStorm, Take Down
Gliscor: Counter, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Swords Dance
Hitmonchan: Rock Slide, Comet Punch, Mega Punch, Counter

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