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Default Re: The log of feeling stoked and hoarding all the forum contests:

Super Rank, RS, Festival Contest
Sheepskinfuton vs Luke39 vs Shock64 vs Eeveedude vs Xalapeno vs GreenRampage vs Kirethidae
Azumarill vs Gengar vs Spoink vs Espeon vs Bronzong vs Mrs Mime vs Pikachu

Yeah, we're cool because we did the first AIM festival contest.

Gengar decided to Destiny Bond halfway through, so it was left immobile for five turns. Pikachu mainly startled everyone with Thunder Wave spam, and Marshy had to go a few turns in, so decided to Recycle spam with a star. Mrs Mime got more stars, but Spoink didn't like that and got rid of both stars with Odor Sleuth in the same turn. Azumarill's main bulk of points was due to the crowd getting excited, and lots of combo moves were put into practice.

The race for second came down to stats, and Bronzong stole it from Azumarill by 20 points.

Ending Scores:

1st: Espeon @ 852
2nd: Bronzong @ 750
3rd: Azumarill @ 730
4th: Spoink @ 657
5th: Mrs Mime @ 568
6th: Pikachu @ 380
7th: Gengar @ 240

Eeveedude comes 1st, decided to get a Smart Normal Rank Ribbon, and wins $4000
Xalapeno comes 2nd and gets $3500
Sheepskinfuton comes 3rd and gets $3000
Shock64 comes 4th and gets $2500
GreenRampage comes 5th and gets $2000
Kirethidae comes 6th and gets $2000
Luke39 comes 7th and gets $2000

I get $4500 for judging.

Total wages earned: $12500

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