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Default Re: Individual RP: Mitsuko-Kun

OOC: Short post :P sorry :[

Ranger : Leo

Location : Meteor Valley


"Hey, Artemis," Komo whispered quietly. "Use Bug Buzz and spread it throughout the entire cavern. It should echo and keep travelling; Solrock shouldn't be able to escape it." Out loud this appeared to be a good plan, but would it work? We were about to find out. The Yanmega began to thrust her wings back and forth, creating this soft humming sound. The sound waves bounced off the cave walls and went all over the cave. The sound was getting louder and louder. I placed my hands over my ears and made sure that Shadow was doing the same. I squinted hard, trying to see the Meteorite Pokémon. It had stopped dead in its tracks, but it was no longer red, it was a light bluish color. The Yanmega suddenly began glowing the same color as it rapidly fell to the ground.


Battle Stats -

Wild Pokemon: Solrock
Nature : ???
Gender : Genderless
Ability : Levitate
Stats Changes:
Health : 80%
Moves: Psychic

Your Pokemon: Yanmega
Nature : Calm
Gender : Female
Ability : Speed Boost
Stats Changes: Spd +1
Health : 67%
Moves: Bug Buzz

Name: Komo Rebi
Money: $7,100
Location: Meteor Valley

Items: Parkball (x8), Superball (x4), Hyperball (x1), Repellent (x5), Max Potion (x4), Full Heal (x4), Pokedoll (x2)

Area Effects:



Victoria(Weavile/Serious/F/Pressure): 100% [Brick Break, Fake Out, Focus Punch, Ice Punch, Substitute, Swords Dance]

Artemis(Yanmega/Calm/F/Speed Boost): 67% [Giga Drain, Hidden Power: Poison, Psychic, Roost, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Sweet Kiss, Whirlwind]

Encounters: Bold Unown - Calm Metang 16% - [Captured] - Wynaut - ???
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