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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

As we left the spider alone, suddenly the terrible stench returned, and it was much more than before this time. The scene on this side of the tree was in sharp contrast to the other side, where the Illumise was hanging around - the flowers and small trees were in a really bad state, and the grass was also a dull brownish shade. Standing near the scene was a large purple Pokemon - Skuntank. It seemed it had stayed here for quite a while, hence the scene in front of our eyes.

"Take it or leave it?"

"I think I'll have a go at this," I said. "Atleast the plant life around here will get some relief when he's gone," I continued with a slight grin.

I pulled out the small red-white orb from my pocket, and tossed it in the air. The ball opened with a small click, but a blinding flash of red light, which drew Skuntank's attention towards us. As the light disappeared, Infernape stood in front of us, directly facing the Skuntank. As he came out, the surrounding area became slightly more illuminated because of Infernape's blazing flames, and I realised how dark it was becoming.

"Let's start this, Infernape," I said. "Begin with a Swords Dance then launch an Earthquake to weaken the Skuntank, but make sure you don't knock it out, alright?"

Infernape gave a brief nod, and then took a few paces forward. After a few seconds, as he adjusted to the horrible smell around, he brought together both his monkey palms, and held straight above his head, and started rotating about the fixed spot on which it was standing. This was, he boosted both his mental concentration and physical strength, so that his attacking power increased.

After he had completed this, he rushed forward a bit more, but not going very near Skuntank, and started pounding the ground with his heavy muscular fists, so that small vibrations started emerging from beneath the ground. We could feel them too, but they were directed more towards Skuntank.

"We'd better back off a bit," I advised Jake. "The worst is yet to come."

As we stepped back a bit, Infernape stood straight on his hands, and looked quite a comical sight. But I knew this was not something to laugh at, as it could seriously weaken even the strongest of Pokemon. He then landed heavily on his legs, standing upright, sending powerful seismic waves around, and continued beating his fists on the ground, just like aftershocks after a major Earthquake.

OOC: Yay big post :D The small "running away" posts were getting boring xP

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